Christopher Greer

Christopher Greer is the president and CEO of TMA. TMA is a U.S.-based trade association representing leaf, tobacco and next-generation nicotine product companies and related industries. Founded in 1915 as the Tobacco Merchants Association, TMA focuses on ideas, information, analysis, and forums for industry and stakeholders.

Greer holds a political science degree from Gettysburg College and began his career in the regulatory compliance and government affairs sector at Verizon Wireless on the legal and external affairs department’s law enforcement resource team.

Having served in numerous positions of increasing responsibility at Verizon, in 2010 Greer joined Japan Tobacco International USA (JTI USA) as regulatory affairs manager focusing on U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance, external affairs and state/federal government relations for the U.S. market.

In 2016 Greer was named to the JTI USA executive team as director and department head of corporate affairs and communications for the U.S., Caribbean and Central American markets.

In March 2017, the TMA board of directors appointed Greer to his present role.

Greer’s tobacco experience includes leading FDA compliance for the U.S. market, business development in the Caribbean and Central America, government relations, international trade and customs, and streamlining internal compliance processes to reduce compliance costs.

Greer also serves as an adviser to the Federation and Tax Administrators Tobacco Tax Uniformity Committee.