Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell is a behavioral psychologist and senior research fellow at the Centre for Substance Use Research, in Glasgow, Scotland. Russell leads the center’s behavioral studies of tobacco and nicotine use in the United Kingdom and United States.

Russell conducts premarket and post-market behavioral studies that characterize the likely impact of marketing specific vapor products on the tobacco use behaviors of current, former and never-smokers, among adults and adolescents.

Through cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys of large cohorts of adult vapers, Russell models the prevalence of different chronologies of initiation, cessation, and re-initiation of cigarette smoking and e-cigarette use, and assesses patterns of use of specific vapor products that are associated with successful and unsuccessful attempts to switch from smoking to vaping.

Russell’s 2016 U.S. vapers survey obtained data on the vaping devices, flavors and nicotine strengths used by 15,807 adult frequent vapers in the United States to switch completely from smoking to vaping. Studies are also conducted with nationally representative samples of current, former and never-smokers who are never-vapers to assess the role of perceptions of a vapor product’s attractiveness, health risk and addiction risk as predictors of intentions to begin using a specific vapor product.

The results of this work are used to identify the people, products, patterns of use and regulatory policies that are most likely to encourage and assist smokers with the switch to vaping, and to advise against the adoption of regulations and legislation that may reduce the accessibility, affordability and appeal of e-cigarettes as a way of quitting smoking.