Joe Murillo

Jose Luis Murillo serves as vice president of regulatory affairs for Altria Client Services. Murillo leads U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-related regulatory strategy, engagement, communications and advocacy for Altria’s tobacco operating companies.

Murillo also develops regulatory and research strategies related to Altria’s pursuit of tobacco harm reduction and FDA authorization of modified-risk tobacco products.

Before being appointed to his current position, Murillo served as president and general manager of Nu Mark. In that role, Murillo led the company’s development and marketing of innovative tobacco products for adult tobacco consumers.

Previously, Murillo was vice president and associate general counsel of Altria Client Services, where he led the company’s brand integrity efforts and provided legal support to a number of different areas at Altria. During the course of his career, Murillo has developed extensive knowledge of the marketing, sales, distribution, regulatory and communications aspects of bringing tobacco products to market.