Look who’s talking

“You have developed a conference that really provides the civil “summit” like atmosphere that is essential for diverse parties to work together to go forward. In some ways this is not unlike global warming in which only a few years ago environmentalists and the energy industry were polarized, but increasingly both parties are seeing a mutually beneficial path forward and the public seems increasingly supportive. The GTNF seems to be providing the needed forum to foster such advances in the world of tobacco business and health issues.” Jack Henningfield, vice president, research, health policy and abuse liability, Pinney Associates, USA.

GTNF 2017 speakers and panelists

Diversity of voices and views is a uniquely powerful feature of the GTNF. Every year, our forum attracts more interest from an ever-wider range of important stakeholders, creating a positive mix of regular and new speakers.

Leaders from the tobacco and nicotine industries come together with media commentators, government officials responsible for regulations, and representatives of NGOs, the public health community and the financial sector.

Below is a list of confirmed speakers. We will continue adding names as speakers confirm their participation.