Session summaries 2016

The GTNF agenda is carefully designed to capture the timely topics and hottest developing trends in the tobacco and nicotine world. The following session summaries from GTNF 2016 in Brussels offer an overview of each panel session. We hope this will give you an idea of the wide range and depth of issues that we cover during the event.

Session 1 – The evolving market challenges facing suppliers ce

Session 2 Fctc cop

Session 3 Investment for the future

Session 4 Transparency for a level playing field

Session 5 – Risk continuum vs risk cliff

Session 6 – Sustainability challenges in leaf

Session 7 – The booming black market

Session 8 – The pros and cons of differing approaches to e cigarette regulation

Session 9 – Hardware and technology

Session 10 – Unintended consequences for emerging products

Session 11 – Current state of tobacco harm reduction and ways forward

Session 12 – Innovating to meet the needs of consumers